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Prashar Lake Trek | Trekking In Himachal

Prashar Lake Trek | Trekking In Himachal

Are you a trekking enthusiast?. If so you must try out Prashar Lake Trek at least once in your lifetime. People who already step into the world of trekking must add Prashar Lake Trek to your wish list. I’m sure Trek to Prashar Lake will leave you in wonder. Prior to the expedition, you should know about the spectacles which you are going to experience while trekking to Prashar Lake. Read on to know more about the things which you don’t know yet.

Prashar Lake Trek | Trekking In Himachal

Prashar Lake Trek offers numerous scenic vistas, rivulets like Vyas River, slippery muddy patches, charming valleys, lush greenery, snow engulfed landscapes, awe-inspiring views of majestic snowy peaks and more.

Brief Itinerary Of Prashar Lake Trek

The trekking trail commences with a rocky trail that went towards the Vyas River. Later the trail proceeds towards the wide bridge walk for about 1500 meters. The moment you finished off the walk, you will be entered into the dense pine forests. Witness and admire the unmatched natural beauty of the forest from the close proximity. As soon as you reached the open area, have a delicious lunch prepared by the locals.

Prashar Lake Trek | Trekking In Himachal

Day 1: Kantlu to Prashar Lake:

Kantlu is the place where you will start your trekking expedition. The trekking trail starts with several steep ascents which will be somewhat strenuous. Later you will be entered into a forest which consists of the rich vegetation of rhododendron. The trail continues for about 400 m and possesses some moderate ascents. Thereafter you will be reached the open space where you could have spectacular views of the Dhauadhar range. Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing beauty of it. If you are a shutterbug then click some lovely photographs.

Prashar Lake Trek | Trekking In Himachal

Later the trail enters into the oak forest, and it continues for several meters. Subsequently, you will reach Til. Afterwards, the trail went towards small meadows and undergoes several steep ascents to moderate ascents. After this, you will reach a clearing sight which offers the amazing views of the mountains such as Triund, Dhauladhar Matterhorn, Kap Chuli, Man Hill, Hanuman Tibba, Sikar Beh, Mukar Beh, Manali peak, Friendship peak, Mukila, Ali Ratni Tibba. Immerse yourselves in the splendid beauty. Stay there for some while. Admired the magnificent scenic views.

Prashar Lake Trek | Trekking In Himachal

Henceforth, the trail takes you towards another forest. Ultimately you will see a gorgeous Prashar Lake. Enchant the scenic spot and explore it. You can’t enter into the lake owing to it is guarded by a fence. The salient feature of the lake is it boasts a floating island inside it. Apart from the lake, you can explore the stunning three-storeyed temple dedicated to the sage Prashar, lies adjacent to the lake. The unique architecture of the temple makes you spellbound. Spend a night under the sparkling stars at the dormitory. Woke up early in the morning in order to capture the sunset views.

Day 2: Prashar Lake to Kantlu:

On Day 2 you will return to Kantlu but through a different route. The route consists of numerous descents, lush green forests which boast abundant oak, rhododendron and pine trees, grasslands, apple orchards, scenic valleys and more.

Hope that the above information concerning Prashar Lake Trek may help you at least to some extent. 




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